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 Well, the site is up and running and we have had a great response to our sunglasses so far. 

Since we launched the site a lot of people have asked where I got my product photos done, as they look so good. Well, there's a story to that..........

Way back when, when the site was being designed, I wanted to get the best photos I possibly could to truly reflect on how good the product looked. After some research I contacted a few photography studios and sent them some sunglasses so I could get some sample shots.

What came back was less than impressive:

To get all 46 pairs of Faded Days photographed from 3 angles was going to be, new Jet Ski expensive. There was no way I was paying any amount of cash for something I was not happy with, so I took matters into my own hands.

First of all, I bought a DIY photo studio, but the shots were still not good enough, I could not get the clean, crisp background I wanted.

I needed a pure white, reflective surface without blemish or crease....Then came my eureka moment, BATHTUB! 

I got every light source I could get my hands on and set up studio in the bath


After three days of drawing lines on my bathtub with a Sharpie for positioning, I had some great shots. I sent the images off to to scrub out all of the lines I had drawn. The result.......

Now, I'm the first to admit, this isn't very rock n roll, and it won't score me many cool points, but sometimes you just have to get in there and do things yourself. 

This post was brought to you by Bathtub Studio Productions.

Live the Dream,


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