8 Reasons why buying sunglasses online is a smart move

8 Reasons why buying sunglasses online is a smart move
Online sunglasses
More people than ever are heading to online sunglasses stores for their next sunglasses purchase. Whenever I have purchased sunglasses in person, my desire has been for everybody in the store to disappear. I want it be me, the mirror, 50 pairs of sunglasses and all of the time in the world. The reality is very different. Someone is always stood in front of the mirror you want to use, the sales person is pushing the latest style on you and the shades are full of grubby, greasy finger prints. 
Below are eight excellent reasons why you should buy your next pair of sunglasses online.
  1. Simple pricing - You've been there right? You are in the sunglasses store, you've finally found a pair that you like, only for that pair to be locked behind some glass with the price tag conveniently hidden from view? You try them on and love them only to discover they are $450. Not a problem with online sunglasses, the price is there for all to see.
  2. No pressure - How many times do you have to call the sales associate over to "unlock" a pair of sunglasses for you, before you start to feel awkward or pressured into a purchase. For me it's about four times and then I get uncomfortable. At your friendly online sunglasses store, take all of the time you need.
  3. Comparisons - Shopping online you can line up ten pairs of sunglasses and compare them against each other. Try doing that in a store!
  4. Reviews - Ask for a review in store? Sure the sales person will tell you "these are the finest sunglasses ever made". When you shop for sunglasses online most pairs will have a review from a paying customer right on the product page.
  5. Convenience - This one is huge, where else can you do your shopping from the comfort of your Spiderman pajamas, at 2am, while eating ice cream from the container, dancing to Rick Astley (he's no stranger to love)?
  6. Price - Cut out the middlemen, no sales associate to pay, no sales tax (if you are out of state). This all means big savings that can be passed on to you.
  7. Returns - most online retailers have a great, no questions asked returns policy. All taken care of without you having to head back to the store.
  8. Gifting - Want to make a purchase as a gift? Shop online and have it sent straight to the recipient! Easy as pie, (apple pie, with ice cream).
Shopping for your next pair of sunglasses should be done online if you ask me. The advantages are there for all to see. Ready to browse? Check out what we have to offer here. Why not treat yourself to some Rick while you are at it?!
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