Our successfully funded XXL wide sunglasses Kickstarter project

Our successfully funded XXL wide sunglasses Kickstarter project

Faded Days was a company born through my own necessity. I personally wanted a pair of high quality, great looking sunglasses that were affordable and durable. In November 2012 I launched from the back bedroom of my home. Since opening our team has grown, and we have been blown away with how popular our sunglasses have become. The positivity and feedback we get from our customers is truly amazing, and it’s often so “inline” with why I opened a sunglasses company to begin with. As we continue to move forward, our team and I want to invite you to join us, as we hope to bring to life a brand new innovative design. Our Super XL Sunglasses line.

Since our launch in 2012 I get multiple emails every month, asking if we can develop a pair of sunglasses for people with larger heads. A few years ago I started to do some research and was surprised to see how little choice there was, in wide frame sunglasses. In 2017 we set out to design a brand new product. We wanted to create the first great looking, high quality, affordable pair of sunglasses, made specifically for people with wide or large heads.

Designing our brand new Super XL Sunglasses presented a unique challenge, not only because they are so different from any of the sunglasses we currently provide, but also because there is nothing else quite like them in the entire sunglasses market. True story, our manufacturer actually sent back our first design as they thought we had made a mistake on the measurements, they said they were too big.

In the chart below you can see the two frame options we currently offer, CLASSIC and LARGE. And then in the final column you can see the frame option we hope to bring to you with our Kickstarter campaign, the SUPER XL line (you can find a detailed drawing with measurements further down this page) .

As you can see, the Super XL Frame is enormously different (pun intended) from our current styles or anything you will find in sunglasses design, anywhere.

Below you can see our finished design that is now ready for production, should our Kickstarter campaign be successful. We are extremely happy with how they turned out. 

Below again, our two current available styles in comparison to the SUPER XL frames we hope to bring to you.

The finished design
The finished design

For people that have difficulty finding sunglasses that are wide enough, we know the image above is music to your eyes. No more headaches from tight fitting sunglasses squeezing your temples, with the Super XL frames.

Choose between of any of the four lens colors below, black, blue, green and yellow. The polarized lens option comes in black. All of our lenses offer full UV400 protection, are scratch resistant and are FDA approved impact resistant. 

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