Polarized Lenses

Polarized Lenses
Mirrored Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized sunglasses are often the choice of boaters, fisherman and drivers who need to reduce reflected glare from the surfaces surrounding them.
But now as the benefits of polarized sunglasses have become mainstream, enthusiasm for polarized lenses has skyrocketed.
So why do outdoors men, skiers, hikers, bikers, fishermen and boaters love polarized sunglasses so much? It's all to do with glare. But you don't have to be a specialist/hobbyist to benefit from polarized lenses, polarized sunglasses also make for the best driving sunglasses.
What do Polarized lenses do?
The suns rays distribute light in all directions, when that light hits a flat surface, say some water, a road or the car in front of you, if reflects off that surface in a horizontally polarized fashion. So instead of that reflected light being scattered, it seems to be heading right for your eyes! This results in you being dazzled - the strength of that light can be uncomfortable and often dangerous. 
Polarized lenses are coated with a special film or filter that impedes harsh reflected light and in turn, reduces glare. Basically polarized sunglasses are a sieve for reflected light.
In a side by side comparison the benefits of a polarized lens are easy to see. On a sunny day a polarized lens will offer greater clarity and an increase in fine detail.
All of our Polarized Sunglasses are UV Protection Polarized Sunglasses and are made with a TR90 lightweight, flexible frame, (we made them flexible for active people to avoid breakage). We also offer mirrored polarized sunglasses. If you have never experienced the benefits of a polarized lens, I'd say you should check them out.
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