The coolest sunglasses for men and women in 2017

The coolest sunglasses for men and women in 2017

Sunglasses can be likened to shoes, belts and watches, you should own a selection of each. What is right for a hike, isn’t right for eating alfresco downtown. Some sunglasses are great all rounders, others are not, (your wraparound Oakley’s are not welcome at the board meeting bro).

Here’s our guide to the right sunglasses for the right occasion.



Wayfarer Black Sunglasses guide

If you are looking for a great multi-tasker look no further. This classic style is suitable for any setting, where sunglasses would be appropriate. Just make sure you have a few different colors to change things up.


XL Wide Frame Sunglasses

Wide wayfarer sunglasses guide


Just because you have a large head doesn't mean you can't join the party. As above with the Classics, these shades are great for almost any situation you may find yourself, and your large beautiful face.



Aviators sunglasses guide

Perfect for relaxing around the pool or on the beach. Don't worry if you have one too many Scotch and soda's. These mirrored Aviators will keep your crazy eyes safely hidden. These are decent if you own a jet too!


Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized yellow lens sunglasses

Great for any sports/outdoors enthusiast, polarized lenses offer awesome, glare free vision. Our Polarized sunglasses frames are made from a flexible lightweight TR90 material that's easy on the face, but hard to break.


Custom Sunglasses

Custom build sunglasses

Whoever goes with the custom option doesn't need to be told how to wear these. Go do your thing you big beautiful butterfly!


Composed Hand Crafted Sunglasses

Hand made sunglasses guide

The height of style and sophistication. Perfect for a lawn wedding or any high end outdoor event. Are these art or are they sunglasses? Are the two mutually exclusive?

Now get out there and look amazing!

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below. 



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  • So true we need multiple pairs of sunglasses for any occasion or sport. I love the bold colors of these shown here!!

    Sandee Jones on

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