Up in North Carolina

Up in North Carolina

Hey pal,

I was up in North Carolina this weekend. I went to visit my friends Ryan and Julie. There are a ton of reasons I love going up there, but non more than the fact that Julie runs the lifestyle blog Peanut Butter Fingers. She features a lot of recipes on the blog so she is always looking for a willing food taster, and well, I'm a food pervert! She just threw together a full Thanksgiving dinner while I was there! MAGNIFICENT ;)

As always I had my camera with me as I continue to fudge my way through trying to learn how to take some decent shots. 

Lake Norman, North Carolina


This one is at Lake Norman. The water level is pretty low so there is a temporary "beach" right now.

Clear wayfarer mirrored sunglasses

I came across this fallen tree. I thought it would make for a decent shot. These are our Clear Ice Mirrored sunglasses. 

I'm still pretty tight from the eight hour drive, but I was happy singing my arse off all of the way ;)

Stay Faded,


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