Festival Sunglasses

Our Festival Sunglasses collection captures all that is great about the Summer time. With round frames, chrome metal arms and vibrant reflective lenses, these are the perfect affordable Summer sunglasses.

Black Festival Sunglasses


Our Black Festival Sunglasses are a nice low key entry into our Festival Shades line up. The contrast of the Chrome arms against the matte black frames, and black the...

High Shine Festival Sunglasses


Our High Shine Festival Sunglasses are mirrors on your face. These supper polished lenses will shine as bright as the sun for anyone that sees you in them. Chrome arms, silver lenses,...

Tortoise Festival Sunglasses


The tortoiseshell frame, brown lens combo has been a staple for us right from day one. We had to do it justice and introduce the killer combo to our new Festival...

Gold Tortoise Festival Sunglasses


"Golden brown, texture like sun", you know the song, if you don't google it. Tortoiseshell frames with a super reflective gold lens that shines like the sun, these sunglasses look...

Pink Chameleon Festival Sunglasses


Our Pink Chameleon Festival Sunglasses are a pair of vibrant show stoppers. The matte black frames house a pair of flashy mirrored lenses, with character... viewed from the front these lenses are a...

Purple Sky Festival Sunglasses


Did you ever see one of those crazy "twice a year" purple sunsets? Well we did. That purple sky was the inspiration behind beautiful sunglasses. Purple from the front fading...


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