Explore the Clarity with Faded Days Sunglasses

VLT polarized sunglasses

At Faded Days, we're not just about sunglasses; we're about your vision, comfort, and style. Our lenses are crafted from the finest materials and meet rigorous standards to ensure you experience the world in its truest colors.

Our Lens Technology

PC Polarized Lenses: Each of our lenses is made from optical-grade polycarbonate (PC) material, infused with a specialized polarized film. This method ensures unparalleled optical homogeneity and stable features across all our lenses. Here’s why our PC Polarized lenses are ideal for you:

  • Glare Reduction: Say goodbye to harsh glares with our polarized lenses. Whether you're driving, playing sports, or just enjoying a day out, you'll experience a clear, undisturbed view.
  • Impact Resistance: Designed to withstand the tests of your adventure-filled lifestyle, our FDA approved impact resistant lenses offer a high level of impact resistance.
  • UV400 Protection: Complete protection from UVA and UVB rays is a standard with our lenses, safeguarding your eyes against the sun's harmful effects.
  • Optical Class 1: The highest level of clarity with minimal distortion ensures you see the world with perfect clarity.

VLT Rates: Tailored to Enhance Your Vision

VLT stands for "Visible Light Transmission," which is the percentage of visible light that passes through a lens. It's an important measure used to determine how much light a pair of sunglasses or other optical lenses allow to reach the eyes. Lower VLT percentages mean the lens is darker, which can be beneficial in very bright conditions, while higher VLT percentages mean the lens is lighter, suitable for lower light conditions.

  • Smoke Polarized Lens: Look through color: Gray. VLT 10.06% - These are the best sunglasses for driving and outdoor sports, providing significant glare reduction without color distortion.
  • Brown Polarized Lens: Look through color: Brown. VLT 12.99% - If you want the best lenses for golfing and fishing, choose these for enhanced contrast in green and blue landscapes.
  • Blue Mirrored Polarized Lens: Look through color: Brown. VLT 8.10% - Ideal for water sports, these lenses enhance color perception and reduce glare in bright conditions.
  • Red Mirrored Polarized Lens: Look through color: Gray. VLT 10.38% - These are the best lenses for skiing, improving depth of field and visibility in snowy conditions.
  • Green Mirrored Polarized Lens: Look through color: Grey. VLT 10.61% - Suitable for general use and enhancing contrast effectively in low-light conditions.
  • Neon Green Mirrored Polarized Lens: Look through color: Light Gray. VLT 13.46% - These lenses are perfect for variable light conditions, offering even color perception and enhanced contrast.
  • Yellow Mirrored Polarized Lens: Look through color: Gray. VLT 9.64% - Opt for these lenses for mountain biking to optimize clarity in low-light, hazy conditions.
  • Purple Mirrored Polarized Lens: Look through color: Gray. VLT 9.32% - These are the best lenses for the fashion-forward, offering glare reduction and improved color and contour perception.
  • Shiny Silver Mirrored Polarized Lens: Look through color: Light Gray. VLT 20.57% - Ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, these lenses provide dramatic glare reduction with a stylish mirror effect.
  • PC Anti-Blue Light Lens: With an 87% light transmittance, these lenses are perfect for reducing eye strain from digital screens, promoting longer, more comfortable screen time.

Perfect for Everyday Use: At Faded Days, we understand that not everyone is looking for specialized sunglasses. That's why, despite our detailed recommendations for specific activities, every pair in our collection is designed with the everyday user in mind. Whether you're running errands, driving to work, or enjoying a sunny day at the park, our sunglasses provide comfort, style, and protection. So, for the casual wearer, the toughest choice might just be deciding which lens color best matches your outfit! Rest assured, all our lenses are perfectly suited for blending seamlessly into your daily life.

Certified Quality: International Standards Explained

Our lenses meet and exceed a variety of international safety standards, ensuring they provide top-tier protection, durability, and clarity. Below is a detailed explanation of each certification and what it means for the quality and safety of our lenses and you, the wearer.


ANSI Z80.3:2008 The American National Standards Institute's standard for non-prescription sunglasses ensures that lenses meet stringent safety criteria, including UV protection, impact resistance, and optical clarity. This standard guarantees that the sunglasses are safe and effective for everyday use.

FDA Drop Ball Test: To verify impact resistance, our lenses are subjected to the stringent FDA Drop Ball Test. This involves dropping a 5/8-inch steel ball from 50 inches directly onto the lens. This rigorous test simulates real-world impacts, such as small objects striking the lens at moderate speed, ensuring our lenses are robust, safe, and shatter-resistant under everyday conditions.

EN ISO 12312-1:2013 This European standard specifies the safety requirements for sunglasses and sun glare filters, ensuring they protect against UV radiation effectively. It assesses quality through criteria like optical properties and robustness, ensuring that sunglasses provide adequate protection and durability.

AS/NZS 1067:2003(A1:2009) The Australian/New Zealand standard covers both performance and safety aspects of sunglasses. It specifies requirements for UV protection, lens strength, and optical quality, ensuring that sunglasses meet high safety and performance standards in these regions.

Lens Category 3 Our category 3 lenses offer high protection against sun glare and are suitable for use in bright sunlight. They provide a high level of UV protection and are perfect for those sensitive to light, making them ideal for beach, mountain, and water sports.