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Sunglasses for big heads

Here they are look, the ones that started this whole XXL revolution. Our first ever pair of sunglasses for big heads and still our best sellers. The XXL Extra Large Sunglasses. Some sunglasses companies promise "XL Frames", nothing comes close to these. All you need to know, THESE FRAMES ARE 165mm WIDE! You are welcome.


One for adventure are we? Like the wind in your hair and the flies in your teeth? Put on your best, two sizes too small spandex and strap yourself in for the joyride of your life! Here we have the XXL Sport. Of course you still have the 165mm width but this time with a sleek curved frame and some oversized lenses for all kinds of protection against sun and insect. Now get out there and shred some trails, unless you are over 40 of course, seriously, osteoporosis is very real.
Sunglasses for bigger heads
Oh The Gentleman certainly does have an eye for detail doesn't he. Welcome sir, welcome. Like the extra width do we sir, still like a long arm do we sir? Oh, radiant sir, radiant. It's all in the height of the frame with these isn't it sir, spotted it right away didn't you sir. And the wider nose bridge sir, how clever of you to notice sir. I'm sure sir has an eye for the ladies doesn't he sir? The perfect sunglasses to hide a roving eye sir. Something for the weekend sir? Player like you sir, very good sir.
Aviator Sunglasses for big heads
Just because you can't fly a plane, doesn't mean you can't tell people you fly a plane, or at least look like you fly one. Rejoice my large headed friends, you too can be like a Naval Aviator in our Aviator Sunglasses For Big Heads going mach 6, whilst turning and burning and feeling the need, the need for speed! You're such a Maverick, just don't lose that loving feeling.
Wide frame sunglasses
If these were to be reviewed, I would expect the review to read something as follows.
"On my day off from breaking and entering, stealing breakfast and sleeping in strangers beds, I tried the XXL's and they were too big, I tried the Large and they were too small, then I tried these Extra Large Sunglasses and they were just right!" ★★★★★ Goldilocks.
Big head but not massive. Don't fall into the trap of many a man and over estimate your size, the truth always comes out. If you've had sunglasses before that almost fit but still felt tight, this is where you live, in the Large Sunglasses zone. There's no shame in it, they are still plenty bigger than the "average guy".
Where it all began in 2012, with these "standard size" frames. A classic, timeless style worn by Presidents, race car drivers and movie stars alike. If these fit, you can't go wrong with this look.
Aviator sunglasses
Another line for the "standard size" heads, embrace your inner Maverick. I am yet to find a person who doesn't look good in a nice pair of Aviator style sunglasses, they hide a multitude of sins.