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I invite you to enjoy a new pinnacle of style and comfort with our latest sunglasses frames: The Refined Gent Sunglasses. Crafted specifically for individuals with larger heads, we have taken our expertise and passion for creating perfectly fitting sunglasses to an entirely new level.

Since shifting our focus to sunglasses for larger heads in 2019 (although our journey began in 2012), we've taken great pride in serving the unique needs of individuals with big heads who find it challenging to find eyewear that perfectly balances style, feel and comfort. We started with a simple goal: to design sunglasses for larger heads that not only fit perfectly but also inspire confidence in those who wear them. We're proud to say we achieved that goal with our Gent Sunglasses as well as with our other XXL lines, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers has only fueled our aspiration to innovate further.

Recognizing the limited premium eyewear choices for those with larger heads, we felt compelled to change the narrative. It was essential for us to ensure individuals with larger heads had access to the same high-quality, stylish sunglasses typically available only to those with standard-sized heads. This commitment to inclusivity and equality in sunglasses style and comfort became the driving force behind our brand.

Now, we introduce The Refined Gent Sunglasses – not just an upgrade, but a transformation of our original vision. Handcrafted from the highest quality acetate, these frames offer unmatched durability and lightweight comfort. The inclusion of a spring slingshot copper needle and nail hinge, with a flat head screw ensures flexibility and a secure fit, adapting to individual head sizes without causing discomfort.

It's not just the comfort factor we've elevated; The Refined Gent Sunglasses also serve as a statement of sophistication. The rich hues of the acetate combined with our unique design lend these frames a luxurious aesthetic, perfect for those seeking both elegance and practicality.

What's more, we've taken the lens quality a step further by incorporating a TAC polarized lens. These lenses provide superior glare reduction and enhanced visual clarity, ensuring your vision remains crisp and unhindered, whether you're driving, at the beach, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

While we continue to value and appreciate the proven success of our original Gent Sunglasses, The Refined Gent Sunglasses embodies our continuous commitment to progress and perfection. They aren't just a product; they're a testament to our brand's promise - delivering comfortable, stylish, and premium eyewear to every customer.

Upgrade your eyewear experience with The Refined Gent Sunglasses – a perfect balance of quality, style, and innovation that caters specifically to your needs. Join us on this exciting new journey and experience the true meaning of refined comfort and elegance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome fit!

As with everyone I love these. I do want to argue with the guy who said the nose part should be narrower. One of my favorite things about these glasses is the perfect width of the nose area. They look great!

Ah, my dear fellow,
Your words bring to mind the delightful image of a perfectly tailored suit – each stitch and seam in impeccable harmony. Much like the noble art of tailoring, eyewear is a matter of personal taste and splendid fit.
How splendid that the nasal architecture of your spectacles has found favor with your discerning sensibilities! It's akin to finding the ideal hat for one's head or the perfect tea for one's cup.
As for the gentleman with the differing opinion, well, let's raise our glasses (the ones on our faces, naturally) to the rich tapestry of preferences that make the world an endlessly fascinating parade of individual styles.
In closing, may your glasses always sit as comfortably and stylishly as a well-behaved corgi at Her Majesty's feet, it's what she would have wanted. Cheers!

165mm Refined Gent Big Head Sunglasses fit!

These glasses are a great buy. First, this is probably the only glasses that fit me. Quality is good. I used these on a 2 week trip all around the Philippines. I went swimming with them in the sea and in a pool, and went around the metro area where the frames probably hit the roof of the taxi cab a couple of times. The frames and the lenses held up. My only suggestion is to make the nose portion narrower than 20ml as I had to purchase 2.5mm nose pads. Also, maybe bundle in the hard case for the Refined line as it costs a bit more than the standard. All in all, I am happy with the purchase and it will be my everyday sunglasses.

Ah, a fellow discerning gentleman! It delights me to hear that these spectacles served you splendidly during your Philippine sojourn, bravely weathering the high seas and bustling city life. Your suggestions regarding the nose portion and the bundled case have been duly noted; after all, what's refinement without constant evolution? Here's to many more sunlit days, where your glasses sit perfectly atop your nose, shielding your eyes with elegance. Cheers.

Joshua Nelson

Definitely nice, quality build. Tbh I would have liked an upgraded case realistically at that price point (or even be willing to pay 10-20 more knowing one comes).

Dear Joshua,
Your candid feedback is as refreshing as a spritz of lime on a sunny day! We are glad you appreciate the quality of our sunglasses.
I do say, your yearning for a sturdy case is music to our ears. What good is a fine piece of craftsmanship without a safe abode, right? Our spectacle equivalent of a fortified castle, the Extra Large Hard Sunglasses Case, is available at your disposal. Just follow the yellow brick road:
Your future shades shall rest easy, safe and secure! Thank you for your keen insight, dear connoisseur of quality.
Cheerio, Ben

Harry Heng
Literally the widest things on the market

These refined gents exude quality. The acetate frames have great weight and inspire confidence. The shorter lens lends itself a perfect fit for my “Asian” face. I’ve never tried a pair on that was this wide, it was jarring at first spending well over 20 years with name brand sunglasses that looked child size on me. They are truly 165mm and I would recommend you measure yourself in the mirror to find out if these are it for you. These are worth the price and I look forward to other styles when they are released.

Dear Harry,
Your review is like a breath of fresh air! Much like trading in a tricycle for a Rolls-Royce, I can imagine your delight at finally finding frames wide enough for comfort and style. Quite agree, one size certainly doesn't fit all in the world of spectacles!
Your nod to our frames' hefty confidence-boosting quality and exacting 165mm width warms our hearts like a well-tailored suit on a chilly day. As you've astutely pointed out, a mirror measurement does wonders before eyewear expeditions.
We're thrilled to hear our glasses are worth their weight in gold to you, and can't wait to unveil our future designs. As a sommelier looks forward to new vintages, we look forward to your continued patronage and insightful reviews.
Here's to your next fitting being as comfortable as this one.
Yours with a tip of the hat,

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