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These frames are the 2nd largest pair that we offer, the frames are 155mm wide. Soooo, who are the sunglasses right for? Who will they fit you?

These sunglasses are right for you if;

You've tried everything on the market but all of the sunglasses are still a little small.

You have a regular sized noggin, but you want a nice, big, over sized pair.

These 155mm wide frame sunglasses are a continuation of our commitment to provide a well fitting pair of sunglasses for people with larger heads. We also have our XXL Extra Large Sunglasses Line that were successfully funded with Kickstarter and our Large Frame Sunglasses Line.

Our 155mm wide sunglasses will offer the comfort you need, without smashing your savings account, oh, and shipping is free within the US.

For people that have difficulty finding sunglasses that are wide enough, or if you just want a great pair of over sized glasses, we know these shades will be music to your eyes. No more discomfort from tight fitting sunglasses squashing your melon, we've changed the game.

  • Polarized
  • FDA approved impact resistant lenses
  • UV400 protection
  • Spring hinged
  • Faded Days microfiber pouch included
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    brent yonesaki

    I thought the arms of the sunglasses woulda been a little longer, still great though

    Stephen Stuck
    The Best Sunglasses Around

    Having a big head has been a gift and a curse. Finding glasses to fit has always been an issue for this face. However, Faded Days Sunglass worked just right. Thank you for making glasses for us big heads!

    Martha Simich
    Greatest Shades Ever!!!

    Ben, I bought the glasses as a gift for my nephew who is a mailman!!! He loves them and so do I!! They are made well!
    We both love the emails and I like my personalized card.
    Stay Faded,

    Aleksandra Eleftheriou

    I didn’t get my sunglasses yet.

    Lucas Tabaczynski

    I know I'm not the first but I have to say "finally!". I finally have a pair of sunglasses that fit my big fat dome. No more searching racks at the store and trying on sunglasses that all seem to be made for pin heads. Seriously do those things actually fit normal people? Anyway, onto the glasses. The frames are very lightweight and the temple hinges are nice and flexible making for a very comfortable fit. The polarized lenses are so great. Everything is crystal clear. Overall I am so happy with my purchase and know I'll be buying another pair, hopefully soon. #fadeddaysforlife

    Quality Lenses


    All Faded Days sunglasses lenses are made with FDA approved impact-resistant lenses.

    Optical Protection

    All of our lenses provide full UV400 protection, so that's 100% of all UV-A and UV-B rays, making them the ultimate in protection for your eyes.

    Very, very fast shipping

    We don't hang about, our goal is to ship your order within 24 hours (week days) of receiving it. Most days if you order before noon, we will ship your order that very same day. No fulfillment centers, just us because we are independently owned, and that's rare for an eyewear company.

    Our extra large sunglasses will offer you a level of comfort you never knew existed. If you are searching for XL sunglasses for big heads these 155mm wide sunglasses will truly be a sight for sore eyes.

    Our Faded Days extra large sunglasses were our 2nd extra large sunglasses frames designed specifically for larger heads. After designing our original 165mm XXL sunglasses, and we had already been offering a 145mm pair of sunglasses for big heads, we found some people fell into the Goldilocks zone. The XXL sunglasses were too big, the large frame sunglasses were too small, so we needed to make a pair that were just right.
    Obviously we answered the call, it’s what we do, so we got to work on our XL sunglasses for big heads. We’ve designed and built these 155mm wide sunglasses with all of the wonderful benefits you would expect from the boffins Faded Days sunglasses. They offer full UV400 protection, all of these extra large frame sunglasses offer a crystal clear polarized lens and for added comfort, our XL wide sunglasses have a spring hinge with outward flex, just in case it’s needed.
    Not to toot my own horn, but if you are looking for men’s extra large frame sunglasses, you’ve found a wonderful pair right here.

    How big are your extra large sunglasses?
    These sunglasses are 155mm wide

    Are your extra large sunglasses men’s or woman’s?
    They are good for both, the main criteria is that you have a head.

    What hat size works best with your XL sunglasses for big heads?
    If you are anywhere around a size 7 ¾ hat then these sunglasses will work great for you

    Are your 155mm wide sunglasses polarized?
    Yes they are, all of our XL sunglasses are polarized with 400UV protection

    Do your extra large frame sunglasses have a spring hinge?
    Why yes they do, sometimes you need a little extra flex for more comfort

    How high are the frames on your extra large sunglasses for big heads?
    The frames are 54mm high.

    Are your xl wide sunglasses FDA approved?
    Indeed they are, all of our frames come with FDA approved impact resistant lenses

    How long have you been making extra large sunglasses frames?
    Though we started in 2012, we started specializing in XL sunglasses frames in 2019 and we’ve been doing it ever since.

    How long does shipping take on your men’s extra large frame sunglasses?
    We always try to ship within 24 working hours of your order. In most cases if you order before 1pm EST we will ship them the same day as the order was placed.