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Welcome to our store, we are delighted that you chose to visit us. Allow me to share a bit of insight into what makes our store so unique.

Faded Days Sunglasses main focus is on crafting sunglasses frames designed specifically to fit large heads, and this pair of sunglasses for wide faces is no exception. This particular model you are viewing right now embodies the quality and style that Faded Days strives to provide, sunglasses for big heads perfectly tailored to fit large faces comfortably, all day long.

These frames are based upon our best selling XXL Matte Finish Polarized Sunglasses for big heads, but with a few refined tweaks for a little extra comfort, depending on your face shape. The main difference with these sunglasses for large heads, and the aforementioned wide sunglasses, these lenses are not quite as high and the nose bridge is slightly lower, but the 165mm wide frame width remains the same. These slight changes would qualify the frames as Asian fit glasses.

Asian fit sunglasses, or as they are sometimes referred to, low bridge fit glasses or sunglasses for Asian faces, were created with special facial features in mind. This design is specifically crafted to prevent the frames from slipping down the nose and resting on high cheekbones - a common problem that many East Asians face when wearing traditional spectacles. 

Having said that,  these sunglasses are made for everyone. They feature taller nose pads that provide unbeatable comfort which regular-fit glasses can only dream of. These frames may be the best fit for a wide variety of face shapes, regardless of your ethnicity.

These sunglasses for big heads have many notable features. Their polarized lenses offer full UV400 protection and come with a 10-day trial period (US only). Plus, you'll receive a free microfiber pouch with your order and shipping is always free in the US. To top it off, if you place your order before noon, it’s almost certain we will ship them that same day.

If you’ve had difficulty finding men's wide sunglasses, these sunglasses for wide heads might be the solution you are looking for.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Chang guo Han
      I love it

      Good sunglasses I love it

      Thank you for sharing your love for your new sunglasses! It's wonderful to hear that they've brought some extra LOVE to your days. We strive to create sunglasses that you'll truly enjoy, and it's always heartening to know when we've succeeded.
      We're here whenever you need another pair or just want to chat about styles. Thanks for making our small business a part of your sunny adventures!

      They’ve figured it out.

      Best shades/Glasses hands down. Not only does it is perfect on my big dome and square face it fits like an glove around my head. It’s secured and doesn’t slip/fall away from my face when I’m working. I lost my old shades and had to grab new once immediately. The only difference is, this review is based on the 165 XL frame. I wanted to check out the gent model and can’t wait to try them on.

      Oh, how your words have brought a twinkle to my eye and a chortle to my morning tea!
      To hear that our 165 XL frames have graced your grand dome and square face with the finesse of a perfectly tailored Savile Row suit is simply the bee's knees. Your description of the fit being as snug as a glove - well, one might say it's as delightful as finding an extra biscuit in the tin!
      I'm positively brimming with excitement on your behalf and can hardly wait for you to embark on this new sartorial adventure. May your experience with the Gent model be akin to a splendid walk in the English gardens on a sunny afternoon.
      Until then, keep your chin up, your spirits high, and your shades firmly in place as you gallivant through your daily endeavours.

      Outstanding Product

      I lost my glasses while on a short trip back to the islands. I wanted to leave a review while putting in an order for another one. Just like every review on here and how it was a struggle to find the right glasses that fits my dome, faded glasses has removed all doubts and restored faith in all of humanity lol. I love my glasses and how fit my done perfectly. I loved wearing everyday annd took with me everywhere. I was pretty bummed out when I lost it. If you have a big dome like me (6’2 300lb Samoan) this is it, “Dis is da wahn” lol.


      So I'm not gonna over sell it with my review here and I certainly don't wanna sound dramatic but with having purchased multiple sunglasses now on multiple occasions I can say this...
      There are certain companies that just get it and these guys just get it.
      Outstanding customer service, genuinely well made sunglasses and Nancy the Llama (if you know, you know).
      If you're thinking about making a purchase or you're not sure, do it.
      buy it. you won't be disappointed. These guys haven't got to this point by just saying they make huge, great sunglasses, they really do make some great shades. How's the saying go, "you miss 100% of the sunglasses you don't buy" or something like that.
      (... and a micro-shoutout to everyone working at Faded Days, keep on doing the good work you do, All the best this holdiday season!)

      Dear Adam,

      Your review, I must say, has tickled me pinker than a flamingo at a garden party!
      'The single greatest sunglasses company this side of our known universe,' you proclaim! Good heavens, such praise could inflate our egos to the size of a hot air balloon at the Ascot races. Your words are the perfect blend of high praise and delightful wit – a rare vintage indeed!
      Nancy the Llama, ah, indeed, if one knows, one knows. An integral, though somewhat woolly, part of our esteemed entourage.
      As for the sage wisdom on sunglass acquisition, well, I dare say it rivals the profundity of any Shakespearean soliloquy. 'You miss 100% of the sunglasses you don't buy' – truer words were never spoken, and certainly not in a more dashing manner.
      A micro-shoutout back at you, good sir. We shall endeavor to continue our good work, fueled by your spirited endorsement. Wishing you a holiday season as bright and brilliant as our finest shades.
      Cheerio and chin-chin!
      Yours in high spirits and high fashion,
      Ben, Ambassador of Elegance and Eyewear at Faded Days


      Definitely lives up to it's reputation for catering to huge noggins like mine. Two thumbs way up.

      Your words are akin to a refreshing breeze on a balmy afternoon. We take immense pride in accommodating the grandeur of one's noggin, and it's truly heartening to know we've hit the mark with yours. Two thumbs up, you say? We shall raise a cup of our finest tea to that!
      Do carry on enjoying your eyewear, and may your days be as bright and clear as your vision. Cheerio

      Quality Lenses


      All Faded Days sunglasses lenses are made with FDA approved impact-resistant lenses.

      Optical Protection

      All of our lenses provide full UV400 protection, so that's 100% of all UV-A and UV-B rays, making them the ultimate in protection for your eyes.

      Very, very fast shipping

      We don't hang about, our goal is to ship your order within 24 hours (week days) of receiving it. Most days if you order before noon, we will ship your order that very same day. No fulfillment centers, just us because we are independently owned, and that's rare for an eyewear company.

      Our Gent line is based upon our extremely popular 165mm XXL line but with a couple of tweaks, we have reduced the lens height by 7mm and made a slight adjustment to the nose bridge shape.

      I wanted to make a pair of sunglasses known in the industry as Asian fit, but what are Asian fit sunglasses?

      Asian fit sunglasses, also known as low bridge fit or sunglasses for Asian faces, are created to accompany special facial features like a lower nose bridge and higher cheekbones. This design helps prevent the frame from slipping down the nose or resting on the cheeks, which is often experienced by East Asians who sometimes require extra comfort when wearing glasses.

      Asian fit sunglasses are a little more refined than standard frames. We want to ensure comfort for individuals with low nose bridges and higher cheekbones, therefore our Gent frames have a narrow bridge on their noses along with higher pads, a shorter lens height, decreased frame curvature and an increased temple curve. All of these features help keep the frame in place while avoiding any annoyance or discomfort.

      For a long time, the sunglasses industry has been designing sunglasses primarily for the average Caucasian face, obviously we do things a little differently around here, specializing in sunglasses for all shapes and sizes.

      With all of that said, these sunglasses are not just to be worn by any one ethnicity. Although these might be the best sunglasses for Asian faces, you don't need to be Asian to find comfort and a better fit with Asian fit sunglasses. Their taller nose pads give unparalleled comfort that regular-fit glasses can’t guarantee you, so these might be the best fitting frames for most. Not only do they look great, but they also feel amazing on your beautiful face, no matter where your ancestors come from, as you can see from this review from Ernesto;
      "I absolutely love these. I had the XXL regular ones and thought they were too tall and narrow at the nose, these coincidentally address the issue and are exactly what I was looking for shape wise. I hope they expand this line to have more funky colors like the other ones they have on this site. I also hope they offer gloss black eventually. These though are amazing even without color choices. Thank you guys, I am planning on ordering 3 more for my other cars / boat."


      How wide are these Asian fit sunglasses?
      165mm wide thank you very much.

      Are these Asian fit sunglasses women’s, or men’s?
      These are unisex, designed for all.

      Sunglasses for Asian nose - will these do the trick?
      Absolutely, the nose pads are built for the ultimate comfort.

      Are your sunglasses Asian appropriate only?
      No, no, these sunglasses are made for all, especially if you prefer a shorter lens height.

      Are these the best Asian fit sunglasses or the best sunglasses for Asian faces?
      Yes, they are both, they ship fast too!