Proper Storage: How to Keep Your Wide-Face Sunglasses Safe and Scratch-Free

At Faded Days Sunglasses, we understand the unique needs of individuals with bigger heads, that is why we provide sunglasses for big heads that blend style with comfort. But owning a pair of premium big head sunglasses means taking proper care of them. Here's your ultimate guide to storing your sunglasses effectively, ensuring they remain safe and scratch-free.

Understanding the Need for Proper Sunglasses Storage

Sunglasses, especially those designed for large men or wide faces, are more than a fashion statement; they're an investment in your comfort and eye health. Whether you need sunglasses for fat faces or sunglasses for men with big heads, proper storage is key to maintaining their condition and effectiveness.

The Risks of Improper Storage

  • Scratches on the lenses
  • Frame damage
  • Exposure to excessive heat or cold

How to Store Your Sunglasses

Proper storage extends the life of your sunglasses and ensures they remain in top condition. Here are some methods and tips for storing your sunglasses:

  1. Use a Sunglasses Storage Case

The best way to protect your sunglasses is by using a sunglasses storage case. Our cases are designed to accommodate larger frames, including all of our 165mm sunglasses for bigger heads, providing a secure and protective environment for your eyewear.

  1. How to Store Sunglasses in a Car
  • Avoid leaving them on the dashboard to prevent heat damage.
  • Use the car's sunglasses compartment, if available, or a protective case.
  • Ensure they are out of direct sunlight.
  1. Creative Ways to Store Sunglasses
  • Wall-mounted holders
  • Drawer organizers with individual compartments
  • Custom-built storage solutions
  1. Storing Sunglasses Without a Case

When a case isn't available:

  • Place them in a safe, level area where they won't be crushed.
  • Wrap them in a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Big Heads

Finding the right fit is crucial. At Faded Days Sunglasses, we offer a range of options for those needing prescription sunglasses for large heads. Check out our collection, including the 165mm XXL Sunglasses for Wide Faces and Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Big Heads.

Proper storage of your sunglasses ensures they last longer and stay in good condition. At Faded Days Sunglasses, we are committed to providing the best eyewear for those with larger head sizes. Explore our range and discover the perfect pair for you, and never compromise on style or comfort.

For more tips and information on finding the right sunglasses for your unique needs, visit our guide: Sunglasses for Big Heads – The Ultimate Guide.

What is the best way to store sunglasses?

The best way to store sunglasses is in a protective case that is rigid and lined with a soft material. This prevents scratches, damage, and keeps them free from dust and other harmful elements.

Where do you put sunglasses when not in use?

When not in use, place sunglasses in their storage case and keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures to prevent warping or lens damage.

What is the best method for cleaning sunglasses?

The best method for cleaning sunglasses is to rinse them under lukewarm water, apply a small amount of mild dish soap to the lenses, gently rub with your fingers, rinse again, and then dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

What is the best way to transport sunglasses?

The best way to transport sunglasses is in a hard-shell case that can protect them from physical pressure and environmental elements. Ensure the case is compact yet has enough space to prevent the sunglasses from moving around inside.

Can I use Clorox wipes on my sunglasses?

It's not recommended to use Clorox wipes on sunglasses as the harsh chemicals can damage the lens coatings. Instead, use a solution specifically designed for cleaning eyewear or mild soap and water.

What not to use to clean sunglasses?

Avoid using household cleaners, window cleaners, or any solvents with ammonia or alcohol, as these can strip away the coatings on the lenses. Also, refrain from using paper towels or rough fabrics that can scratch the lenses.

Is rubbing alcohol good for cleaning sunglasses?

Rubbing alcohol can be used sparingly on sunglasses, but it's not the best option. It can remove certain coatings on the lenses. If you must use it, apply it sparingly and avoid getting it on lens coatings.

What not to do with sunglasses?

Do not leave sunglasses in hot environments like a car dashboard, use rough materials for cleaning, sit on them, stretch the arms unnecessarily, or use harsh chemicals for cleaning.

How do you break in new sunglasses?

Generally, sunglasses do not require breaking in. However, if they feel tight, gently bending the arms outward can help them fit more comfortably. If the fit is significantly uncomfortable, consider getting them professionally adjusted to your face shape.

sunglasses for bigger heads

Concluding our exploration into the optimal practices for storing, cleaning, and caring for sunglasses for bigger heads, it's clear that maintaining these specialized eyewear pieces requires a blend of careful handling, regular maintenance, and utilizing appropriate accessories. Sunglasses, particularly those tailored for big heads, wide faces, or fat faces, are not just fashion accessories but essential tools for visual protection and comfort. Thus, ensuring their longevity and peak performance is paramount for those who find standard sizes insufficient for their needs.

The Essence of Proper Storage

The cornerstone of sunglasses care lies in their storage. Utilizing a sunglasses storage case specifically designed for larger frames, such as our Extra Large Hard Sunglasses Case, is imperative. This not only shields the glasses from physical damage but also significantly reduces the risk of scratching delicate lens surfaces. For individuals constantly on the move, understanding how to store sunglasses in a car or devising ways to store sunglasses without a case, perhaps using soft, microfiber pouches, can prevent accidental damage or exposure to harmful conditions.

Cleaning Techniques Tailored for Preservation

When it comes to maintenance, the best method for cleaning sunglasses hinges on gentle, non-abrasive approaches. Steering clear of harsh chemicals and opting for mild soap and water can ensure the integrity of the lens coatings, which are crucial for those requiring prescription sunglasses for large heads. This meticulous approach to cleaning not only enhances the visual clarity but also prolongs the aesthetic appeal of your sunglasses.

Understanding What to Avoid

Highlighting what not to do is as vital as understanding the best care practices. The use of Clorox wipes, rubbing alcohol, or any abrasive material for cleaning should be avoided to prevent compromising the lens coatings or frame integrity. These products, while effective for other cleaning purposes, are not suited for the delicate nature of sunglasses, especially those designed for sunglasses for large men or sunglasses for men with big heads, where the surface area and coatings might be more extensive and sensitive.

Transporting with Care

The question of the best way to transport sunglasses brings us back to the importance of protective cases. For those invested in sunglasses for wide faces or sunglasses for fat faces, securing a durable, appropriately sized case for transport is crucial. This ensures that your sunglasses remain shielded from unexpected impacts, pressure, and the elements, preserving their condition and effectiveness.

In Closing

Ultimately, the care and maintenance of sunglasses for those with bigger heads transcend mere aesthetics. It's about preserving the quality and functionality of a critical accessory designed to offer comfort, protection, and style to those who often struggle to find suitable options. Whether it’s exploring the range of 165mm XXL Sunglasses for Wide Faces, engaging with comprehensive guides like our Sunglasses for Big Heads – The Ultimate Guide, or choosing the perfect Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Big Heads, each step taken towards proper care is a step towards ensuring these valuable investments remain a part of your daily life, offering clarity, comfort, and protection for years to come.

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