7 top tips for choosing sunglasses to fit wide faces

Choosing the best sunglasses for big heads

Wearing sunglasses isn't just a fashion trend; it's an essential part of sun protection. By shielding your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet (UV) radiation, you can effectively protect yourself against the potential harms of UV exposure like cataracts and macular degeneration. And if you have a larger head size, sunglasses for wide faces are available to keep your eyes healthy while looking stylish.

Wearing big head sunglasses is not only essential for eye protection, but also offers several other advantages. Our vision can be affected by the amount of glare present in our environment; fortunately, wearing sunglasses will significantly reduce this harmful light intensity while allowing us to see more clearly when we are outdoors. Enjoying a sunny day no longer has to mean squinting and straining your eyes - simply slip on some shades for wide faces and bask in the sun's rays with clarity.

If you're looking for a stylish and protective addition to your wardrobe, look no further than our glasses for big heads. Choose a wide frame size that fits well and offers adequate UV protection - this will ensure your eyes stay safe from the sun's damaging rays whatever the season. With an excellent fit and superior sun-shielding capabilities, you can enjoy feeling confident in both style and safety when wearing the best sunglasses for a wide face.

Making the right choice when selecting eyewear can be a daunting task, so we've created this guide to help you find your perfect sunglasses frame. Here are some useful tips on what to look for in larger sized frames:

Aviator sunglasses for massive heads
  1. Big head sunglasses frame size

Choosing the right sunglasses for wide faces size requires specific measurements, such as lenses with 55mm width or greater, temple length of 145mm or longer and frame width of at least 145mm.


  1. Sunglasses for big heads lens width

The width of the lens is a major factor in determining the size of your wide frame sunglasses size. For men’s sunglasses for wide faces, 50 mm or greater lenses should be used depending on their shape and style - round frames tend to have narrower lens widths than boxy ones. It's important for proper aesthetics as well as adequate eye coverage that you choose a properly sized wide frame. Undersized frames can make you look silly and cause more light leakage from around the edges, leading to excessive sunlight shining into your eyes.


  1. Sunglasses for large me temple length

Sunglasses are generally created to fit all face sizes, which is why the standard temple length for these products typically measure at 140 mm. An average adult's temples range from 130-140 mm; anything beyond that measurement would be considered big head sunglasses. If you have an above-average head circumference and require sunglasses for large faces, aim for 145 mm or longer in the temple lengths. 155mm falls on the higher end of this spectrum. If you purchase sunglasses with temples that are too short, not only will they be uncomfortable on your head by pushing into your face, but the frame may also tilt forward and allow more sunlight in from above. To ensure an optimal experience when finding new shades for wide faces, compare temple lengths of any potential purchases against those of glasses you’re currently wearing.


  1. Sunglasses for wide faces face shape

If you have a large square head with wide jaw line and sharp facial features, oval XXL sunglasses with round corners are the perfect way to strike a balance on your face, like extra large aviator sunglasses. On the other hand, those with gentle facial features and soft cheeks will look amazing in angular geometric shaped sunglasses for big heads that add definition to their face. Classic Aviators or Wayfarer style sunglasses as well as 50's styled rounds also suit large square heads nicely.

If you're somewhere in between, that's perfectly okay. Simply make sure to pick out a frame that looks and fits amazingly on your face. And the most important thing here is contrast, for large round heads, choose a wide square sunglasses frame, for a big square heads, choose a large rounded frame.


Best sunglasses for a large square head
  1. Sunglasses for men with big heads - Optical Illusions

If you have a big head, here’s a great style tip. To create the optical illusion of narrowing your face, avoid sunglasses with thick frames that abruptly end on the sides. These ‘paddle-style’ glasses will draw attention to the widest portions of your head and make it seem even more prominent - something you certainly don't want. Instead, opt for sleek style big head sunglasses with thin temples (arms) that softly taper off along their length to help slim down any added width on your appearance.

If you possess a round or wide head, the most ideal sunglasses for large heads will have thin temples and dominant frames. This combination works to create contrast on your face rather than its sides. Additionally, donning large shades that have slim temples gives off an image of possessing a smaller cranium size as well. Long-faced individuals can enjoy Aviator sunglasses in order to visually "shorten" their faces.


  1. Wide Sunglasses - Color

If you're looking for the perfect sunglasses to fit your unique style, then the variety of colors available to choose from is almost limitless. Ultimately, this comes down to a fashion decision; so when choosing the best sunglasses for big heads, it's important that they make you feel chic and confident while still protecting your eyes in the sun.

Sunglasses for big heads are a great way to express yourself, and the large dark lenses allow for an extensive selection of frame colors. This means that if you're looking for something loud and vibrant, this is your opportunity to experiment with extreme color combinations - those big dark lenses can make even the most outrageous glasses look fashionably amazing. If you're not into bold colors, a pair of neutral sunglasses for wide faces is the ideal way to make sure your look works with all kinds of clothing.

  1. Sunglasses for big faces - Polarized lenses

Quality big head sunglasses must include careful lens selection. What differentiates polarized lenses from non-polarized options? Non-polarized spectacles offer 100% UV protection, the most essential element of your sunglasses. Yet, if you're seeking to take your look to a higher level, polarized glasses are the way to go. Polarized sunglasses for large heads can provide superior contrast and glare prevention while still delivering complete UV ray deterrence - an unbeatable combination that will make sure you stand out in any crowd with style and confidence.


If you are on the lookout for XXL sunglasses for big heads, check out our extensive range of big head sunglasses. We think we have the best sunglasses for big heads available anywhere.

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