Big Head Sunglasses Dilemmas: How to Overcome Common Fit Challenges

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses when you have a larger head can be a challenging quest. At Faded Days Sunglasses, we specialize in crafting stylish and comfortable sunglasses for big heads. This guide will help you understand how to choose the right fit, ensuring comfort, style, and protection from the sun.

Understanding the Fit: How Should Sunglasses Fit Your Face?

The fit of your sunglasses is crucial, not just for comfort but also for effective eye protection. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Bridge Fit: Sunglasses should fit snugly on the bridge of your nose without pinching. If you have a big head, look for wider bridge measurements or adjustable nose pads.
  • Temple Length: The arms of the sunglasses should extend straight back to your ears without pressing into the side of your head. For those with large heads, seek out styles labeled as XXL or XL which often feature longer temple lengths.
  • Lens Size: Bigger heads often mean wider faces. Opt for sunglasses that cover your eyes completely. Wide frame sunglasses for big heads not only offer better sun protection but also a proportional look.

Choosing Styles That Compliment Your Face Shape

  1. Round Faces: Opt for angular frames to contrast the roundness, such as our Gentleman Frame Sunglasses.
  2. Square Faces: Rounded or oval sunglasses can soften a strong jawline. Consider our stylish Polarized Sport Sunglasses.
  3. Oval Faces: Most frame shapes work well with oval faces. Aviators are a classic choice, like our 165mm Aviator Sunglasses.
  4. Heart-Shaped Faces: Frames that are wider at the bottom can help balance the face shape. Extra-large frames like our 155mm Sunglasses are ideal.

Must-Know Tips for Perfect Sunglass Fit

  • Check the Width: Ensure the frames are wide enough for your face to avoid discomfort.
  • Lens Height: Taller lenses can provide better eye coverage, which is crucial for sunglasses for large faces.
  • Adjustability: Features like flex temples and nose pads can make a big difference in fit.

Frequent Issues and Solutions

  • Slipping Down the Nose: This often happens if the bridge is too wide. Look for narrower bridge measurements or padded nose grips.
  • Too Tight Behind the Ears: You need longer temples. Our sunglasses for men with big heads often feature adjustable or more flexible temples.
  • Excessive Pressure on Temples: Look for sunglasses with spring hinges that allow for more give and take without compromising the fit.

Where to Find the Right Sunglasses

At Faded Days Sunglasses, we offer a variety of styles specifically designed for larger head sizes. From casual to formal, sporty to stylish, our range includes options like prescription glasses for big heads. For more detailed guidance, check out our Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit.

Choosing the right sunglasses for a larger head size doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the right knowledge and a little help from Faded Days Sunglasses, you can find the perfect pair that suits your face, style, and needs. Remember, the best sunglasses are the ones that you feel great wearing — comfort, style, and protection should all come together seamlessly.

Sunglasses for fat heads

What makes sunglasses fit comfortably for people with big heads?

Comfortable fit for larger head sizes often requires wider frame widths, adjustable nose pads, and longer temple lengths to ensure a snug fit without pinching or slipping.

How do I measure my head for the right sunglasses size?

You can measure your head with a soft measuring tape. Wrap it around your head just above your ears and eyebrows where sunglasses typically sit. Compare this measurement to the frame dimensions listed on our product pages.

Can I get prescription lenses in sunglasses for big heads?

Yes, many of our sunglasses styles are available with prescription lenses. Check out our prescription glasses collection for options that can be customized for your vision needs.

What styles of sunglasses are best for big heads?

Aviator, square, and rectangular frames tend to work well for larger heads because they balance facial proportions and provide adequate coverage and protection.

Are there sunglasses that are too big for someone with a large head?

While larger frames are generally more comfortable, it's possible for sunglasses to be too large if they slide off easily or feel loose. It’s important to find a balance where the sunglasses stay securely in place.

How should aviator sunglasses fit if you have a big head?

Aviator sunglasses should cover the entire eye area without resting on your cheeks. The temples should reach all the way to your ears without bending inward, ensuring they are not too tight.

What materials are best for sunglasses for big heads?

Lightweight materials like acetate and metal with some flexibility are ideal as they provide comfort and durability without being too heavy or rigid.

Can I adjust the fit of my sunglasses at home?

Minor adjustments can be made, such as gently bending the temples outward if they feel too tight. However, for significant adjustments, it’s best to visit an optician.

What if the sunglasses I choose still don’t fit perfectly?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee and a return policy. If your sunglasses don’t fit as expected, contact us for a replacement or a refund.

Where can I find style advice for sunglasses suited to large faces?

Visit our blog section, especially the Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit, which includes style advice and recommendations tailored to larger head sizes.

How do you know if sunglasses fit properly? Properly fitting sunglasses should rest comfortably on the bridge of your nose without slipping, the temples should fit snugly around your ears without pressing into your head, and the lenses should not touch your eyelashes.

How do you know if sunglasses are too big? Sunglasses are too big if they frequently slip down your nose, extend far beyond the sides of your face, or feel loose around your head.

Should sunglasses be wider than the face? Sunglasses should generally align with the width of your face. Frames that extend beyond this can look oversized and may not provide the best fit or appearance.

How loose should sunglasses be? Sunglasses should fit snugly enough that they don’t fall off during everyday activities but not so tight that they cause discomfort or indentations on your nose or around your head.

How do I know if sunglasses are too small? Sunglasses might be too small if they pinch the sides of your head, feel uncomfortable on the bridge of your nose, or if the lenses are too close to your eyes, not covering them adequately.

Should sunglasses cover eyebrows? Ideally, sunglasses should cover your eyebrows, or at least align closely with them. This helps ensure that the frames fit well vertically and provide sufficient coverage and protection.

How do I know my face size for sunglasses? Measure the width and height of your face with a soft tape measure. Measure your face width from temple to temple and the height from the top of your forehead to below your chin. This will help you compare your face size to the frame dimensions provided.

Where should sunglasses sit on your face? Sunglasses should sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose without pressing down hard. They should not touch your cheeks while resting straight across your face, with the lenses covering your eyes symmetrically.

sunglasses for bigger heads

Finding the right sunglasses that fit well and look great is crucial, especially for individuals with larger head sizes. At Faded Days Sunglasses, we recognize the importance of this aspect and are dedicated to providing high-quality options that meet these needs. Our comprehensive guide aims to help you understand the key factors in choosing the right sunglasses and ensure you feel confident and comfortable with your selection.

Emphasizing Fit and Comfort

Proper fit is the cornerstone of any good pair of sunglasses. For those with big heads, this can often mean selecting XXL sunglasses for big heads or XL sunglasses for big heads, which provide ample room without compromising on style. It's essential that the sunglasses sit comfortably on your nose and ears without pinching or slipping. For men with big heads, wider frames like our Gentleman Frame Sunglasses can offer both the necessary size and a sophisticated look.

Style Meets Functionality

When it comes to style, having a big head does not limit your options. Whether you are looking for sunglasses for men with big heads or best sunglasses for large heads, the key is to choose frames that enhance your face shape and features. Aviators and square frames tend to provide a balanced aesthetic for larger faces, and can be found in our extensive collection such as the 165mm Aviator Sunglasses.

Ensuring Adequate Protection

Beyond fit and style, the effectiveness of your sunglasses in protecting your eyes cannot be overlooked. Sunglasses for large heads should not only offer UV protection but also cover a significant portion of your eye area to prevent sun damage. Options like our Polarized Sport Sunglasses are designed to offer both protection and performance, making them a fantastic choice for active users.

The Importance of Personalization

Personalization plays a vital role in selecting sunglasses. With our range, including prescription glasses for big heads, we ensure that each pair of sunglasses can be tailored to individual vision needs. This customization is crucial in providing comfort, which is often lacking in off-the-shelf options for people with larger dimensions.

Ultimate Guide and Resources

For those who are still unsure about which sunglasses to choose, our Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit offers in-depth information and tips on selecting the right frame size, understanding how sunglasses should fit on your face, and figuring out which styles will best suit your facial features. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to find ideally suited sunglasses.


At Faded Days Sunglasses, we are committed to ensuring that everyone, especially those with big heads or wide faces, can find sunglasses that are not just wearable but also fashionable and functional. Our selection, specifically tailored to larger head sizes, ensures that you no longer have to struggle with ill-fitting frames that are too tight, slip easily, or simply do not complement your face shape. With our specialized designs and comprehensive guides, you're sure to find the best sunglasses for big heads, ensuring comfort, style, and protection for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for everyday wear or performance gear, Faded Days Sunglasses is your go-to resource for all your eyewear needs, guaranteeing satisfaction and style in every pair.


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