How Do I Measure My Face for Sunglasses?

You've felt the pinch, haven't you? The pressure of sunglasses that simply don’t fit, constantly sliding down your nose or causing discomfort behind your ears. Finding the perfect fit when it comes to sunglasses, especially sunglasses for big heads, can be quite the task, but not any longer! We're here to guide you on how to measure your face for sunglasses.

  1. Why Measuring is Important:

Before diving into the measurement guide, let's understand why this is so crucial:

  • Comfort: Sunglasses that fit well are comfortable to wear all day.
  • Protection: Properly fitted sunglasses provide optimal UV protection for your eyes.
  • Appearance: A well-fitting pair will always look better, regardless of your face shape.
  1. Measuring Your Face:

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

For this task, you’ll need a soft measuring tape and a mirror.

Step 2: Width of Your Face

  1. Stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Measure the width from temple to temple. This will help you understand how to find sunglasses size suitable for the width of your face.

Step 3: Bridge Size

  1. Measure the distance between your two eye pupils. This will give you an idea how sunglasses are measured for the bridge.

Step 4: Temple Length

  1. Measure from the temple to the back of the ear. This helps in determining how to know your sunglasses size for the arm/temple length.
  1. Understanding Measurements:

Now that you have the numbers, how do you determine sunglass size suitable for you?

  • If your face width is larger than the average 140mm, you may need big head sunglasses.
  • For those with a face width of 155mm or more, sunglasses for wide faces or sunglasses for large men would be ideal.
  1. Featured Collections for the Perfect Fit:

Understanding how to measure face for sunglasses is only half the battle. The real win is finding that impeccable pair that feels like it was made just for you. If you have a broader face, standard-sized sunglasses might not cut it. That's where we at Faded Days Sunglasses step in, with a specialized range tailored for those with bigger heads or wider faces.

For the Classic Lover:

Our 165mm Aviator Sunglasses for Big Heads are a modern take on a timeless style. They are perfect for those who love the iconic aviator look but need a little more room.

Sporty and Stylish:

For the active individual who requires both style and functionality, the Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Big Heads are a top pick. They ensure clear vision while making a statement.

Sophistication Meets Comfort:

The Gentleman Frame - Sunglasses for Big Heads is for those who appreciate a blend of elegance and comfort. Their unique design is both chic and accommodating for wider face structures and Asian fit seekers.

Everyday Essentials:

Sometimes, you just need that reliable pair to go with everything. The Extra Large 155mm Sunglasses for Big Heads is versatile and perfect for daily wear.

Explore More:

We constantly update our collection to provide fresh styles. Dive into our curated collection of XXL Best Sellers to discover more options that cater to broader face dimensions.

By tailoring our collections to accommodate varying face sizes, Faded Days Sunglasses ensures that everyone can find their ideal pair. So, the next time you ponder how to know my sunglasses size, you can be confident that we've got a pair that'll fit you just right.

  1. Tips for Maintaining Your Sunglasses:

Once you’ve found the perfect fit, it's essential to ensure your sunglasses last and stay in great condition. Here are a few tips:

Proper Storage:

Always keep your sunglasses in a case when not in use. This not only protects the lenses from scratches but also retains the shape of the frame.


Use a microfiber cloth to clean your sunglasses. Avoid using household detergents or harsh soaps as they might damage the lens coating, even some lens cleaners can be too harsh.

Avoid Extreme Heat:

Don’t leave your sunglasses in the car, especially during summer. Excessive heat can warp the frame and damage the lens.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know my size in sunglasses?

A: Measure the width of your face from temple to temple, the distance between your pupils (for the bridge), and the temple length. Compare these measurements with the dimensions given for the sunglasses to find your perfect size.

Q: How can I measure my face for glasses at home?

A: Use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string and a ruler. Measure your face's width from temple to temple, the distance between your pupils, and the temple length. These measurements will help you determine the right glasses size for your face.

Q: How big should sunglasses be on your face?

A: Ideally, the width of the sunglasses should match the width of your face without extending past it. They should also cover your eyebrows but not overshadow your cheekbones.

Q: How big is 52mm sunglasses?

A: When a pair of sunglasses is labeled as "52mm," it indicates that each lens's width is 52 millimeters.

Q: How do I choose fit over sunglasses?

A: Fit-over sunglasses are designed to be worn over prescription glasses. When choosing them, ensure that their dimensions are slightly larger than your regular glasses so they can comfortably fit over them without pressure or discomfort.

Q: What is the most common sunglass size?

A: The most common sunglass sizes range between 50mm to 54mm for medium-sized faces. However, this can vary based on design and brand.

Q: Are my sunglasses too big for my face?

A: If your sunglasses extend beyond the width of your face, leave large gaps on the sides, or touch your cheeks prominently, they might be too big for your face.

In Conclusion: The Art and Science of Perfectly Fitting Sunglasses

Selecting the right pair of sunglasses goes beyond just fashion; it's a blend of both art and science. It's about the aesthetic appeal, the comfortable fit, and the assurance that your eyes are protected from harmful UV rays. For many, sunglasses are a reflection of personality, a statement accessory that not only accentuates style but also ensures functionality.

In our quest for the perfect pair, we've learned that measurements are essential. It isn't just about knowing the numbers but understanding what they mean for our unique facial structure. Especially for those with broader facial features, the search can sometimes be slightly more challenging. But as we've discussed, us fine people at Faded Days Sunglasses have bridged this gap, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

The detailed guide and FAQs provided aim to make the process easier, allowing you to move away from the age-old trial and error method. Now, armed with knowledge, you can make informed decisions and select sunglasses that not only fit you perfectly but also resonate with your style and personality.

Beyond just the fit, it's essential to remember the importance of care and maintenance. Like any prized possession, your sunglasses will serve you well if you take good care of them. Store them properly, clean them regularly, and they will continue to enhance your style for years to come.

Lastly, it's essential to embrace the journey of finding that perfect pair. It's about exploring, understanding, and finally experiencing the joy of a flawless fit. Let your sunglasses be more than just a shield against the sun; let them be a reflection of who you are and the world you see.

In a world full of trends, be it in fashion or technology, the classic charm of a perfectly fitting pair of sunglasses remains timeless. So, dive into the world of eyewear with confidence, armed with the knowledge you've gained, and find those shades that feel like they were crafted just for you. Happy sunglass hunting.

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