Needing Big Glasses Doesn’t Need to Be a Big Problem

In a world that thrives on diversity, having a unique trait should be celebrated, not turned into an inconvenience. Yet, for those among us with a larger head circumference, finding the perfect pair of glasses for big heads has been nothing short of a Herculean task. That's until Faded Days Sunglasses stepped into the sunlight, turning this quest into a breeze with a range of big glasses crafted exclusively for the grandeur of larger heads.

The Big Head Struggle is Real

The search for the perfect pair of prescription glasses for big heads or prescription sunglasses for big heads often leads to an exercise in frustration. Whether it’s the pinching on the temples or the constant slipping down the nose, the struggle has been all too real. And let’s not even talk about the disheartening moment when those stylish frames you've eyed for so long just don’t sit right.

Big glasses

Welcome Relief for Big Frame Users!

Enter Faded Days Sunglasses, your reliable companion in banishing these eyewear woes. Our exclusive collection is designed with precision to ensure a comfortable fit and a stylish look. Here’s a glimpse into what we offer:

  • XL Prescription Glasses: Say goodbye to tight fits, and welcome our range of XL prescription glasses that sits comfortably, no matter the size of your head.
  • XXL Prescription Glasses: For those needing a tad bit more room, our XXL prescription glasses are a godsend, providing that extra space without compromising on style.
  • Big Frame Glasses: Embrace the aesthetic of big frame glasses which provide a modern, stylish look while offering the comfortable fit you desire.
  • Prescription Glasses for Large Heads: Our range is designed to cater to every head size, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on either comfort or style.
  • XXL Prescription Sunglasses: Sun protection that fits right! Our XXL prescription sunglasses are a testament to our commitment to cater to every size.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

With Faded Days Sunglasses, men’s XL prescription glasses or XXL prescription sunglasses are no longer elusive. We celebrate the diversity of head sizes by providing a wide range of stylish, comfortable, and high-quality eyewear. It’s time to embrace your uniqueness with a pair of glasses or sunglasses that reflect your style and fit you perfectly.

A Glance into the Future

Our mission is to redefine the narrative around prescription glasses for wide heads and prescription sunglasses for large heads. With a blend of functionality, style, and comfort, we are here to ensure that the simple act of buying glasses becomes a delightful experience, regardless of your head size.

Faded Days Sunglasses is not just a brand; it’s a movement towards inclusive fashion. Step into a world where big glasses are not just a necessity but a bold fashion statement. Explore our exclusive collection and experience the fusion of comfort, style, and inclusivity. Your quest for the perfect pair ends here. Welcome to a larger-than-life eyewear experience!

Big frame glasses

  1. What eyeglasses are best for big head?
    • The best eyeglasses for individuals with bigger heads are those that provide a comfortable fit without compromising on style. Faded Days Sunglasses offers a range of XL prescription glasses and XXL prescription glasses designed specifically to cater to larger head sizes.
  2. How to find glasses for big heads?
    • When looking for glasses for big heads, it's crucial to consider the frame width, temple length, and lens width to ensure a comfortable fit. Exploring collections like those at Faded Days Sunglasses that are specially curated for larger head sizes is a great start.
  3. What size glasses for a large face?
    • Glasses for a large face should have a wider frame and longer temple arms to ensure a comfortable fit. The Big Frame Glasses from Faded Days Sunglasses are designed to cater to larger faces, offering both style and comfort.
  4. What is the biggest frame size for glasses?
    • The biggest frame size generally falls within the XXL category. The exact dimensions can vary, but frames like the 165mm XXL Sunglasses for Wide Faces from Faded Days Sunglasses are among the larger sizes available.
  5. What lens width for a big head?
    • The lens width suitable for a big head typically ranges from about 58mm and above. It’s important to consider both lens width and frame width to ensure a good fit.
  6. Do oversized glasses look good on everyone?
    • Oversized glasses have a trendy and modern appeal, and they can look good on many face shapes. However, the key is to find a balance between the size of the glasses and the proportions of your face to achieve a flattering look.
  7. Why is my head too big for glasses?
    • It may feel this way due to the standard sizing of many eyewear brands. However, with brands like Faded Days Sunglasses that offer glasses for big heads, you'll find frames that fit comfortably and look great.
  8. How can I tell what glasses fit my face?
    • To determine the right fit, measure your temple length, lens width, and bridge width. Compare these measurements with the dimensions of the glasses you are considering. Trying on different styles and sizes will also help in finding the perfect fit.
  9. How do I size myself for glasses?
    • Start by measuring your face’s width from temple to temple, the bridge of your nose, and the length of your temple arms. These measurements will help you find glasses with the right dimensions. It's also beneficial to visit an optician for professional measurements and advice.
sunglasses for big heads

    Here’s a needlessly verbose conclusion

    In the vast panorama of eyewear fashion, the endeavor to find that quintessential pair of glasses for big heads or prescription glasses for large heads often morphs into an odyssey fraught with pinches on the temples and the ceaseless slipping down the bridge of the nose. The elusive pursuit of a stylish pair of big glasses that nestles comfortably on the contours of a larger visage has, for the longest time, been akin to chasing a mirage in a desert of ill-fitting eyewear. Yet, as the sun of innovation rises on the horizon, it casts its golden rays upon the faces of those gifted with grander craniums, heralding a new era where big frame glasses are not just a distant dream, but a tangible reality.

    The illustrious journey of Faded Days Sunglasses has been one of defying the norms and embarking on an expedition to shatter the glass ceiling (no pun intended) that hovered over the heads of the blessed with bounteous brows. With every meticulously crafted pair of xl prescription glasses or XXL prescription glasses, we inch closer to a world where the phrase 'one size fits all' transcends from being a mere platitude to a living, breathing ethos that governs the realm of eyewear fashion. Our resplendent array of xl prescription sunglasses and prescription sunglasses for big heads is a testament to our unwavering commitment to cater to the eyewear aspirations of every head size that walks this green earth.

    As you traverse through our curated collections, each pair of men’s XL prescription glasses or XXL prescription sunglasses you encounter is a narrative in craftsmanship, a saga of how embracing uniqueness and diversity in head sizes paves the way for a revolution in eyewear fashion. Each frame, be it enveloping prescription glasses for wide heads or prescription sunglasses for large heads, is a harbinger of hope for those whose quest for the perfect pair often leads them down the alleys of despair.

    The tale of Faded Days Sunglasses is not just about transcending the barriers of size but about fostering a culture where every individual, regardless of the size of their head, can look into the mirror with their glasses perched perfectly, and see a reflection that resonates with their inner essence. Our exclusive collection is not just a catalog of eyewear, but a gateway to a realm where style and size exist in a harmonious confluence, beckoning the beholders of big heads to step in and discover an eyewear haven crafted just for them.

    So, as the saga of ill-fitting glasses becomes a relic of the bygone era, we at Faded Days Sunglasses beckon you to step into a future where every head size is celebrated, where every pair of glasses is a pledge of perfection, and where the need for big glasses ceases to be a big problem.

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