Are You Ready to Wear Some Comfortable Extra Wide Sunglasses?


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The problem with sunglasses for many people is that they come in a one-size-fits-all design. Today’s designers and manufacturers take that approach because it saves them money during production.

By maximizing their profits within the majority of the population, they also leave a few groups under-served. If you have a larger head and need XXL sunglasses, those manufacturers give you a shrug and say, “Tough luck!’

Sunglasses for large heads aren’t a controversial subject. All it takes is a brand that recognizes you deserve the same benefits as everyone else. That’s why you need to get to know Faded Days Sunglasses.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Extra-Wide Sunglasses?

If you’re shopping for sunglasses for big heads, we know that you’re not asking for much. You need a product with a larger frame, some extra sturdiness, and enough comfort for all-day wear.

When you try to wear those mass-produced models, you can end up with some uncomfortable side effects. There could be red marks on your nose, tight fitting arms can squeeze your head and cause headaches, or the lenses might not be large enough to provide the proper coverage.

At Faded Days, we get that you need a product that won’t slip or move while delivering the shading benefits that sunglasses provide. That’s why you’ll find these advantages waiting for you with all of our unique designs.

1. You improve your sun protection.

Did you know that almost 10% of all skin cancers form near the eyes? When you have XXL sunglasses that fit your face comfortably, you can reduce personal risk factors for this disease and other sun-related problems.

When you have prolonged exposure to sunlight, the risks of developing cataracts or glaucoma can increase. Some UV radiation types are also known to speed up problems with macular degeneration.

2. You get protections from the elements.

Extra-wide sunglasses provide a barrier to your eyes so that fewer things can blow into them. When it is a windy day at the beach, sand and dust can be irritating. Those sharp particles can cause scratches.

Even if you’re in the snow, wearing sunglasses can be helpful. The white surface reflects up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays, reducing the risk of glare-related injuries.

3. You’ll enjoy more clarity outside.

At Faded Days, we equip our sunglasses for large heads with polarized lenses in many designs. Not only does this technique deliver a sharper image when you’re outside, but it also improves the contrast of what you see.

That’s why our XL sunglasses are perfect for fishing and other water activities. Instead of dealing with the glare, you’ll get to see with crystal clarity.

4. You can drive safer.

When your sunglasses fit as expected, it’s much easier to feel comfortable and have visual clarity while driving. Even if you are in the rain, polarized lenses can deliver the improved contrast you need to manage potential concerns on the road.

5. You will be more comfortable.

When you own a pair of sunglasses designed for big heads, you’ll notice the enhanced comfort almost immediately. If your frames are too tight, the pressure along the temples, the back of the ears, and across your nose can be the trigger for a migraine headache.

Even if you don’t get migraines, there could be sinus pressure and congestion, localized pain from pinching, and other uncomfortable issues that develop around your face and head.

With extra-wide sunglasses, you can reduce the intensity and frequency of this discomfort because you’re wearing frames meant for a head of your size. You’ll also minimize bright sunlight exposure, which can be another trigger for bad headaches.

6. You receive an impact-resistant design.

Our XL sunglasses might be seriously wide, but they are just as strong as some of the most expensive luxury brands in the market today. We use FDA-approved impact-resistant lenses to ensure you receive the best wearing experience possible.

The spring-hinged design adds even more flexibility, ensuring that your investment delivers lasting results.

Are You Ready to Try on a Pair of Comfortable Sunglasses?

Some businesses think about profits over people. Faded Days is not one of those brands.

We understand how frustrating it can be to try to find a pair of comfortable sunglasses from personal experience.

Instead of spending hour after hour trying on different frames, we invite you to try out our designs that provide sunglasses for large heads. At 165mm wide for our XXL line and 155mm wide for our XL line, you’ll find that there is enough space to feel comfortable, get the protection you need, and enjoy the style you want.

It’s time to rethink sunglasses. Thankfully, we’ve already taken that step at here Faded Days. You can read The Best Sunglasses for People With Big Heads: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide here.

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