The Best Sunglasses for People With Big Heads: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

If you have a big head, it can be difficult to find the best sunglasses for you that fit perfectly. Not only do you want large fit shades that look good, but you also need ones with the following features;

  • Wider lenses for adequate coverage and sun protection
  • The correct frame width
  • A frame with the right temple length and temple distance
  • A comfortable nose bridge

In this comprehensive buyers guide, we will recommend some of the best sunglasses for people with big heads that will enhance your natural features and take your look to a whole new level.

We'll also provide tips on how to find the best pair for your needs.

sunglasses for large men 

How do I know if I need oversized sunglasses for big heads?

Regular sunglasses are too tight.

If you tend to get headaches or other discomfort when wearing sunglasses that are too tight for your face, consider taking them back and shopping around for some big head sunglasses.

Not only do large fit sunglasses offer more protection from harmful UV rays if you choose the correct lens width, but they can also help to mitigate headaches and eyestrain.

Your sunglasses temples stick out too far.

Ideally, the arms should not stick out any further than the widest point of your frame and they should measure long enough to rest comfortably on your ears.

If the arms do stick out, they are too tight, this can not only make your sunglasses look clunky and awkward but can also make them uncomfortable as mentioned above.

Ultimately, keeping your sunglasses' arms within your goldilocks fashion zone will ensure both great comfort and style within a large fit.

They leave marks on the side of your head.

If your sunglasses are too tight for your face, they can cause red marks on the side of your face or an indentation on the skin. This can cause issues with circulation, resulting in painful headaches that are difficult to relieve.

You are already shopping in the "big hats" section.

If you wear a size 7 3/4 hat, you are now entering the sunglasses for wide faces zone. Time to get some big head sunglasses.


Best sunglasses for big heads

If you're a frequent wearer of sunglasses, then you know how important it is to choose the right style and fit for your face shape.

One of the main things to look out for when buying sunglasses for a big head is their size, shape and nose bridge width. Another factor to consider when it comes to choosing the best sunglasses for you is the comfort and look of the arms or temples, paying particular attention to the temple length. The temples of the frame should be just the right length so they bend downwards at about a 45-degree angle at the point just behind the top of your ears. About 3cm to 5cm of the temple should extend beyond this bend point for a perfect temple length.

For the frame, ideally it should measure large enough to completely cover your eyes without feeling too snug or heavy on your face.

With a little bit of research and trial-and-error, you should be able to find sunglasses that can offer the optimal combination of comfort and protection, and once you do, you'll never need to worry about getting headaches from wearing tight fitting sunglasses again.


The frustration of searching for large sunglasses

As anyone with a large head has ever gone shopping for sunglasses knows, it can be difficult to find sunglasses for big heads.

You picture yourself wearing the movie star wayfarer or aviators, just to find there isn't a frame that is even close to fitting or being a comfortable fit.

Most styles seem to be designed for people with smaller classic faces or a more common head size, not people with large square heads. And if you have a wide or oval-shaped face, it can be next to impossible to find a pair that doesn't squash your face or give you a headache after just a few minutes.

Even if you do manage to find a pair that kind of fits, they never feel quite right or are as comfortable as you'd like them to be.

Then forget about trying to go on a shopping spree for wide face sunglasses that are also stylish - most of the time, you end up settling for whatever is closest to your size rather than what looks good on you.

It's no wonder so many people with larger heads go through their lives without ever finding a pair of large sunglasses with their perfect fit. Maybe one day someone will finally design a line of sunglasses specifically for people with larger faces :) Can you relate? Then you need a wide pair of sunglasses.


Tactics to locate sunglasses frames and lenses for big heads

One of the best ways to search for sunglasses with polarized lenses for big heads is to shop online rather than just in your general location, or waiting to be served ads at home.

This is because you'll have a much wider selection to choose from than you would if you were to shop at a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Your local high street shop will tend to cater for the masses and people with more commonly sized heads, rather than the frame width you might be looking for. Plus, shopping online makes it easy to compare prices and find the perfect pair of shades for your budget.

So where exactly can you look for the best sunglasses for big heads with the correct lens width and frame shape? Funny you should ask. Below you will find three different styles and shapes of sunglasses designed specifically for people with larger heads and a frame width up to 165mm.


Extra Large Sunglasses for big heads

Extra wide sunglasses

Trying to find right size sunglasses frames or big head sunglasses that fit well is often a frustrating experience, especially for those with larger heads or a wider face shape.

Most sunglasses on the market are designed for people with smaller facial features, and as a result, they tend to look or feel uncomfortable after a short while.

That's where we come in with our Extra Large 155mm frame size sunglasses for big heads.

These sunglasses are designed specifically for people with larger heads, and they provide a comfortable and secure fit.

In addition, our wide frame sunglasses come in a variety of colors, so you're sure to find a pair that suits your taste and your head.

If you're tired of struggling to find a pair of sunglasses that fit well, check these out, you won't be disappointed.

Also, if you have a regular sized noggin, but you want a nice, big, over sized set of sunglasses, then you will also want to check out our 155mm frame size sunglasses.

Even though these sunglasses are a continuation of our commitment to provide a well fitting pair of sunglasses for people with larger heads, they still don't look ridiculous for normal sized heads that just want an oversized pair.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a pair of sunglasses that fits them well, and we are proud to offer a product that meets the needs of people with larger heads.

With our new 155mm wide frame sunglasses, you can finally enjoy the sun without worrying about your sunglasses squeezing your face.


XXL Extra Large Sunglasses for big heads

At Faded Days Sunglasses, we believe that everyone should have a great pair of fashion sunglasses, even if they have a big head.

That's why we offer our XXL sunglasses frames, which are specifically designed for people with larger faces.

These are our best-selling frame style among those that are on the lookout for some oversized sunglasses.

These sunglasses at 165mm are seriously wide, and they provide excellent coverage to help protect your eyes from the sun.

The best part is that they're also extremely pleasing on the eyes with their classic style and timeless look, so you can feel great while protecting your eyes.

If you've been searching for sunglasses that actually fit your face, then search no further than Faded Days XXL sunglasses for big heads. We guarantee that you'll love the way they look and feel.

These sunglasses were designed for people with wide faces or large heads.

Whether due to genetics, massive brain size, or other factors, many people with big heads have difficulty finding stylish sunglasses that measure up and fit comfortably on their face or head.

These sunglasses are a great option for anyone who has experienced this problem, as they offer a wider and higher polarized lenses than most standard eyeglasses.

Not only do they provide superior coverage and protection from the sun, but they also look great on a variety of face shapes and sizes.

So if you've ever struggled to find the perfect pair of sunglasses with the above key features, this frame might just be the solution you've been looking for.


XXL Sport Frame for big heads

Wrap around sunglasses for big heads

I am so excited to introduce more options in our XXL line, the wide Sports Frame. This modern, sporty sunglasses design offers the same amazing 165mm width of our other styles, but with a curved shape making them the perfect sunglasses for big heads.

Other key features are a wide nose bridge width and spring hinges for a more comfortable frame fit for a big head.

Whether you prefer a classic aviator style or a sleek wrap-around design, this extra-wide sunglasses frame has it all.

This bold and stylish pair of large size sunglasses offer superior protection against the sun's harsh rays.

Featuring an extra wide design, these sunglasses are perfect for anyone with a big head who is looking for high-quality sunglasses that offer both comfort and style.

Made from premium materials and equipped with spring hinges for improved durability, these glasses are designed to stand up to even the most active lifestyles.

Whether you're hitting the trail or participating in your favorite sport, the polarized lens width helps block out glare and harmful UV rays to protect your eyes from damage.

And with their distinctive wrap-around style, these shades provide full coverage so you can rest assured that your eyes will be well protected no matter where your adventures take you.

At an affordable price and with top-quality polarized lenses that truly reduce glare, this is a great pair of big head sunglasses frames for anyone that wants eyewear for wide heads.

Allow yourself to experience the ultimate in comfort and style with these extra wide sports frames!



At Faded Days, we recognize that not everyone has the same nose bridge width or head size, which is why we offer a variety of XXL sunglasses frames that are designed specifically for those with big heads.

Our wide Sport Frame and Extra Large Sunglasses both provide excellent coverage and protection from the sun while looking great on a variety of faces. I hope this information helps you in selecting the ideal pair of sunglasses for individuals with big heads.


We are here for you, whatever your face shape

Faded Days Sunglasses main focus is providing an underserved market with the best sunglasses for big heads.

When most people think of major sunglasses brands and models, they think of Ray-Ban wayfarer, Oakley aviators, Maui Jim big wave aviators, Costa permit and other such traditional or classic sunglasses companies.

What they don't realize is that these brands generally stop at a certain size glasses, which don't always work for a large number of people.

Many of the brands that do advertise a "big head sunglasses" option, once looked at in more detail turn out to be medium at best. It's a classic bait and switch. That's why we offer frames with a medium to large 145mm, an extra large 155mm, and a giant 165mm width.

Those with larger head sizes often have a difficult time finding sunglasses that fit properly and look good. Faded Days specializes in providing these individuals with high-quality, oversized sunglasses.

With a wide selection of shapes and colors to choose from, Faded Days has glasses for everyone. In addition, we are always on hand to help customers find eyewear with a great fit for their needs.

So if you're looking for sunglasses, or blue light blocking glasses frames that actually fit, be sure to shop our styles for large faces or if you need more details or data, email


Best sellers

If you are interested in shopping for some new sunglasses, it would be a great choice to check out the pairs below. You will also find helpful user reviews on each product too, here are a few of our best sellers;

XXL Polarized Extra Wide Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses for big heads

XXL Matte Finish Polarized Extra Large Sunglasses

matte black sunglasses for big heads

XXL Polarized Clear Purple Lens Extra Large Sunglasses

 Purple sunglasses for big heads

Blue Lens Polarized Sport Sunglasses For Big Heads

 Blue sunglasses for big heads

Mirror Lens Clear Polarized Sport Sunglasses For Big Heads

 Mirrored sunglasses for big heads

Extra Large Polarized Green 155mm Wide Sunglasses

 Wide frame green sunglasses

Extra Large Blue Light Blocking Glasses

 Wide frame blue light blocking glasses


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