Sunglasses for wide heads, the reviews are in!

Enjoy the reviews, also You can read The Best Sunglasses for People With Big Heads Buyers Guide here.
Our new line of 165mm wide XXL sunglasses designed for people with wide heads has been a hit, but don't just take our word for it...
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5 star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
True to the size!
The way my head is shaped it's hard for me to find a pair that fits. Just when I lost hope trying to find a pair that fits "FD" really came through with these true to size XXL! They fit great with extra Space. Please do not get rid of this line, please ad more.
5 star rating 
Huge Heads Rejoice!
Great pair of shades for those who struggle to find ones that fit, look good, and don’t apply pressure. Customer service was top notch as well!!!
5 star rating 
Awesome pair of sunglasses (Big Head)
I have never been a person who could easily find a pair of sunglasses that fits my huge head, in fact I don’t believe I ever have. If you are a person with the same problem these glasses are right up your alley they are a great looking pair and definitely worth the price!
5 star rating 
great product!!
Great product and great customer service, just waiting on the different colors of the xxl sunglasses to come back in stock so i can get some more!
5 star rating 
I've never had sunglasses before
I've never had sunglasses before because I have such an odd sized head but as soon as I got these they fit instantly and are exactly what I have been looking for. I kept going on and on about how I was getting sunglasses to my friends and family because when I say I’ve never had sunglasses. I mean it. This is the biggest thing this year for me. Thank you Faded Days!
5 star rating 
sunglasses for fat faces
All about the customer service!
The team worked with me to make sure I got a pair of shades that fit! They aim to please that’s for sure!
5 star rating 
Excellent Fit!
These glasses are perfect for people that have difficulty finding larger glasses! I have always had trouble finding wide enough sunglasses, but more arduous was finding a pair of sunglasses that have long enough arms to get behind my ears. These are perfect for the person who cannot find a comfortable pair just walking up to a sunglasses display. I highly recommend!
5 star rating 
If Your Nickname is; Head, Bonk or Stonehenge... Pick A Pair Up ASAP!
Simply put, the XXL in the description is exactly what these are. The sizing is on point, especially for my big a$$ melon. Surprisingly, these sunglasses are extremely light (I feared them being heavy due to the size). 
When it boils down to it, these aren't costing you $200+, they have the correct styling, they are lightweight and polarized, and lastly, the build quality is top notch. Easily comparable to that other brand that makes only "hipster" sunglasses. 

Now, just waiting on different colors and possibly another style (waiving money in hand). 
Oh yeah... What about buying just the frames so I can get some prescribed vision lenses put in?


5 star rating 
Super Happy!
I can’t tell you how happy I am that I purchased these sunglasses. I’ve tried countless other brands hoping to find something that would fit my giant head and face, and nothing comes close to the fit of these XXL Glasses. I can’t wait for the other colors to become available. I’ll definitely be purchasing more. Thanks again Faded Days!
wide aviator sunglasses

5 star rating 


They fit!

The Holy Grail ... finally I have found a pair of shades that fit my big melon! Great service and speedy delivery. Couldn't believe the fit once on and lack of usual ache in the head, which has been my usual experience. Excellent quality and workmanship. I will be back :)
5 star rating 
Finally I can wear sunglasses and not get headaches!
The size and fit of these are perfect!! No temple compression or any kind of headaches!! 
Unlike the other pair of "largeheadz" that i have which are only marketed to larger head people.
5 star rating 
New favorites
Took a little getting used to, but take these out in the sun, and I mean real sun, like midday high noon and sheesh! You guys are on to something here, I have Ray Ban Aviators and I though they gave my eyes good coverage, these things are like eye umbrellas. I mean they cover my face so well and they sit comfortably like I would wear these things all day doing even mundane stuff (I went to Trader Joe’s twice just to have a reason to go outside). Really great job, I’m proud to be part of this campaign. Like seriously great job. These are my new favs.
5 star rating 
I just received my pair from the Kickstarter and I couldn't possibly be any happier with them. I immediately bought another pair off your website. Thank you so much for this product, it's so insanely difficult to find sunglasses for us big headed folk and these are absolutely PERFECT. Thank you Faded days!!!
4 star rating ⭐</
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