The wide sunglasses solution

If you or someone you know has been searching for wide sunglasses without any joy, we've developed a solution.

I first started working on our XXL sunglasses line in 2017, because for years we had been receiving emails from frustrated folk asking us to design a pair of wide sunglasses, specifically for people with bigger heads. The team took those emails to heart and got to work. We wanted to create the first great looking, high quality, affordable pair of wide sunglasses, made specifically for people with large heads.

After a lot of work and many big sunglasses prototypes, we had the finished product.

big head sunglasses

After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which launched in January 2018 we were able to put our wide frame sunglasses into production. We Started delivering our first XXL sunglasses in May 2019 and the feedback was incredible. Eric wrote, "I just received my pair from the Kickstarter and I couldn't possibly be any happier with them. I immediately bought another pair off your website. Thank you so much for this product, it's so insanely difficult to find sunglasses for us big headed folk and these are absolutely PERFECT. Thank you Faded days!!!" Fortunately for us, we have received countless thank you notes for seeing our wide sunglasses project through to the end and delivering on it.

If you, like many others before you, have been having trouble finding sunglasses for large heads then check out our XXL Sunglasses line. We would love it if we could solve your fashion dilemma and get you in a pair of our wide frame sunglasses. We also XXL polarized sunglasses too!

If you don't need giant sunglasses, then check out our Large Frame Sunglasses line, they are bigger than regular sunglasses, but not as big as the XXL sunglasses. You can read The Best Sunglasses for People With Big Heads: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide here.

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