The best sunglasses for big heads and faces reviews

Reviews for our XXL sunglasses are in, we've put them all in one place for easy reading. If you want some wide sunglasses for a larger face, this will be interesting reading. For a buyers guide, look here.

They fit!
Review by Brett K. on 11 Mar 2020 review stating They fit!
I'm 6'5" 350 lbs and no sunglasses have ever fit me until these bad boys came in the mail. I am tempted to get another color and excited to see what other styles these guys can come up with.
Listen up!
Review by D S. on 8 Jan 2020 review stating Listen up!
If you have already read the description/ all the reviews and you're thinking 'yea what ever, these glasses still won't fit my stupid fat face"...then you're wrong! This is the first ever pair of sunglasses I have ever had that fit my face properly and I'm 34; I've got a big 5 stone head.
What I Have Longed For
Review by David M. on 16 Dec 2019 review stating What I Have Longed For
I've longed for the day that I could find a pair of glasses that actually fit. Not settling for a pair that looks okay. But a pair that actually makes me look better. These glasses don't make it look like I'm wearing my son's glasses because they are too small.
It solved my problem
Review by Shiv C. on 18 Sep 2019 review stating It solved my problem
If you have an extra large head like me it is literally impossible to find a sunglasses that fit you well. But Faded Days solved my problem. Fits perfectly. I am a happy customer.
True to the size!
Review by Moon C. on 18 Aug 2019 review stating True to the size!
The way my head is shaped it's hard for me to find a pair that fits. Just when I lost hope trying to find a pair that fits "FD" really came through with these true to size XXL! They fit great with extra Space. Please do not get rid of this line. Especially, please ad more different styles to this line!
Huge Heads Rejoice!
Review by Bob M. on 7 Aug 2019 review stating Huge Heads Rejoice!
Great pair of shades for those who struggle to find ones that fit, look good, and don’t apply pressure. Customer service was top notch as well!!!
Awesome pair of sunglasses (Big Head)
Review by Aston V. on 13 Jul 2019 review stating Awesome pair of sunglasses (Big Head)
I have never been a person who could easily find a pair of sunglasses that fits my huge head, in fact I don’t believe I ever have. If you are a person with the same problem these glasses are right up your alley they are a great looking pair and definitely worth the price!
Great product!!
Review by Tim S. on 12 Jul 2019 review stating great product!!
great product and great customer service, just waiting on the different colors of the xxl to come back in stock so i can get some more!
I've never had sunglasses before
Review by Dillon Z. on 8 Jun 2019 review stating Ice never had sunglasses before
I've never had sunglasses before because I have such an odd sized head but as soon as I got these they fit instantly and are exactly what I have been looking for. I kept going on and on about how I was getting sunglasses to my friends and family because when I say I’ve never had sunglasses. I mean it. This is the biggest thing this year for me. Thank you Faded Days!
All about the customer service!
Review by Perrin S. on 7 Jun 2019 review stating All about the customer service!
The team worked with me to make sure I got a pair of shades that fit! They aim to please that’s for sure!
Excellent Fit!
Review by Daniel B. on 16 Jul 2019 review stating Excellent Fit!
These glasses are perfect for people that have difficulty finding larger glasses! I have always had trouble finding wide enough sunglasses, but more arduous was finding a pair of sunglasses that have long enough arms to get behind my ears. These are perfect for the person who cannot find a comfortable pair just walking up to a sunglasses display. I highly recommend!
If Your Nickname is; Head, Bonk or Stonehenge... Pick A Pair Up ASAP!
Review by Stave on 1 Jul 2019 review stating If Your Nickname is; Head, Bonk or Stonehenge... Pick A Pair Up ASAP!
Simply put, the XXL in the description is exactly what these are. They are the perfect "Wayfarer" style. The sizing is on point, especially for my big a$$ melon. Surprisingly, these sunglasses are extremely light (I feared them being heavy due to the size).
When it boils down to it, these aren't costing you $200+, they have the correct styling, they are lightweight and polarized, and lastly, the build quality is top notch. Easily comparable to that other brand that makes only "hipster" size wayfarer sunglasses.

Now, just waiting on different colors and possibly another style (waiving money in hand).
Oh yeah... What about buying just the frames so I can get some prescribed vision lenses put in?

Super Happy!
Review by Jason on 1 Jul 2019 review stating Super Happy!
I can’t tell you how happy I am that I purchased these sunglasses. I’ve tried countless other brands hoping to find something that would fit my giant head and face, and nothing comes close to the fit of these XXL Glasses. I can’t wait for the other colors to become available. I’ll definitely be purchasing more. Thanks again Faded Days!
They fit!
Review by Jon on 10 Jun 2019 review stating They fit!
The Holy Grail ... finally I have found a pair of shades that fit my big melon! Great service and speedy delivery. Couldn't believe the fit once on and lack of usual ache in the head, which has been my usual experience. Excellent quality and workmanship. I will be back :)
Finally I can wear sunglasses and not get headaches!
Review by Sean R. on 28 May 2019 review stating Finally I can wear sunglasses and not get headaches!
The size and fit of these are perfect!! No temple compression or any kind of headaches!!
Unlike the other pair of "largeheadz" that i have which are only marketed to larger head people.
New favorites
Review by Obsidian on 21 May 2019 review stating New favorites
Took a little getting used to, but take these out in the sun, and I mean real sun, like midday high noon and sheesh! You guys are on to something here, I have Ray Ban Aviators and I though they gave my eyes good coverage, these things are like eye umbrellas. I mean they cover my face so well and they sit comfortably like I would wear these things all day doing even mundane stuff (I went to Trader Joe’s twice just to have a reason to go outside). Really great job, I’m proud to be part of this campaign. Like seriously great job. These are my new favs.
Review by Eric on 19 May 2019 review stating Perfect!!!
I just received my pair from the Kickstarter and I couldn't possibly be any happier with them. I immediately bought another pair off your website. Thank you so much for this product, it's so insanely difficult to find sunglasses for us big headed folk and these are absolutely PERFECT. Thank you Faded days!!!
Finally, real sunglasses for huge heads!
Review by Joe on 19 May 2019 review stating Finally, real sunglasses for huge heads!
I was fortunate enough get in on the Kickstarter campaign. For reference wear a size 8+ in fitted hats. These are just a bit large (155 mm wide would be perfect) on me but look good and stay in place. I even tried to make them fall off but failed every time! The lenses are clear and seem to be of good quality with no rear reflections. They are a bit on the heavy side and the frame is prone to smudges. The hinges feel solid.

My friends didn't realize how large these sunglasses are until they had them in hand! LOL
If you have a head that is way outside the size norm where 145 mm wide glasses make you look like John Lennon, take the leap and try these out!
P.S. My dealings with Faded Days through Ben have all been excellent! I applaud Faded Days for stepping up and providing sunglasses for us truly big headed people! Bravo

I can wear sunglasses!!
Review by Aleks A. on 15 Jan 2020 review stating I can wear sunglasses!!
I have gotten used to not wearing sunglasses and dealing with sunny days with a ball cap or covering my eyes, but now I am so happy about being able to just pull my glasses out and shield my eyes with glasses that actually fit and don't make my head look bigger. This is so amazing. I was so happy with mine that I even bought some for my family. We are a faded days family!!
Review by Daniel M. on 9 Oct 2019 review stating Strewth!
You guys have done an amazing job with these sunnies! It's not often I can find a good looking pair to fit my fat head and they are tough enough to withstand the harsh Aussie sun! Thanks guys and keep up the great work.
It Fits!
Review by Hector on 6 Dec 2019 review stating It Fits!
Ordered these beauties after I found out that Large was not big enough for my head. Finally, a pair of sunglasses that actually comfortably fit my head and look good. Count me in as a future repeat customer when new styles in this size become available from Faded Days! Reasonable pricing, quality build and perfect sizing....a winning combination. Thank you Faded Days!!
best glasses ever
Review by Royce M. on 12 Jun 2019 review stating best glasses ever
these are the best fitting glasses i have ever owned i am wondering can i get some of the other styles in xxl thank you.
Awesome sunglasses
Review by Eric on 24 May 2019 review stating Awesome sunglasses
The blue lenses look great, high quality product as usual. Size is perfect for big heads. Highly recommend!
Review by Cody M. on 15 Feb 2020 review stating AMAZING
I cannot thank the founder enough for going out of his way to design and create a pair of sunglasses for guys with big heads like me! Have never looked better!
I found my holy grail!!!
Review by Joon P. on 23 Sep 2019 review stating I found my holy grail!!!
I have very odd head shape. Finding any head gears (hat, glasses, mask, helmet, and etc., etc.) was a challenge. I truly love this and sending biggest thanks to Faded Days!!!
The best for large heads!
Review by Stephen on 19 Mar 2020 review stating The best for large heads!
My dimensions
6’6” athletic frame
Hat size: 8”
Crown: 24.5”-25”
These are the best frames I’ve found. They’re the only pair of glasses that I’ve had that DON’T look like they’re going to spring off of my face if I sneeze. The arms are over sized too, and I’m aware of this when wearing hats - but everything is proportionate for my head and body type.

I look forward to more XXL designs from faded days!

Great Glasses

The glasses fit and style are perfect. The lager size allows me the utilize a great look.

Perfection as Expected

I love your products, I have searched For large frame glasses for a long time. These glasses are so stylish that someone stole them! Lol so i will buy another pair and guard them closely next time! Great products! Keep up the good work!

Great Blue Light glasses!

Great glasses that really help with eye fatigue. No more dry and tired eyes when staring at the computer screen or tv.


The very first pair of sunglasses that fit me and reach my ears right. Soo excited. Almost too big.


Just want to thank Ben for these glasses that I dig man. I’ve only ever owned one pair of sun glasses that fit me well and those were chili beans that they don’t make any longer. I’ve been wearing rayban’s for the past couple of years which are pretty rad but too small for my face. These XXL FD’s are by far much better on me. I’m going to buy a black pair and add prescription lenses for riding at night. Thanks again dudes. Very happy customer!

I think I love these

They are sturdy and look great. I’m so used to wearing sunglasses that are too small that these feel super loose and big to me. But, I think they actually fit the way that normal glasses fit normal People. Thank you!

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